trust */*/*/

trust */*/*/
I UK [trʌst] / US noun
Word forms "trust":
singular trust plural trusts
a) [uncountable] a feeling of confidence in someone that shows you believe they are honest, fair, and reliable

Trust is an important issue between teenagers and their parents.

trust in:

public trust in police officers

put/place (your) trust in someone/something:

Sumner placed considerable trust in his lawyer.

abuse/betray someone's trust (= treat someone badly or dishonestly, although they trusted you):

Jen had confided her secret to Mark, but he betrayed her trust.

b) confidence that something is safe, reliable, or effective

You have to be able to have trust in your backup system.

Adjectives frequently used with trust
▪  complete, implicit, mutual, total Verbs frequently used with trust as the object ▪  build, earn, establish, gain, lose, win
2) [uncountable] legal an arrangement in which a person or an organization manages someone else's money or property
hold/place something in trust:

The land will be held in trust by the Church.

a) [countable] money or property that someone manages for a person or an organization according to a legal arrangement
b) [countable] an organization that manages money or property so that it can help other people or organizations

the Jamaica National Heritage Trust

a charitable trust

3) [uncountable] a situation in which someone is made responsible for another person or thing
put someone/something in the trust of someone:

She put her children in the trust of strangers.

a position of trust (= a job in which you have a lot of responsibility and power):

I don't think a teenager can be expected to hold such a position of trust.

4) [countable] mainly American a group of people or companies that work together to illegally control prices and limit competition in an industry

II UK [trʌst] / US verb [transitive]
Word forms "trust":
present tense I/you/we/they trust he/she/it trusts present participle trusting past tense trusted past participle trusted
to be confident that someone is honest, fair, and reliable

Both communities have to trust each other.

Politicians just can't be trusted.

trust someone to do something:

Can we trust you to give John the message?

trust someone with something:

I can always trust him with a secret.

a) to be confident that something is safe, reliable, or effective

Never trust cheap locks like these.

trust something to do something:

I wouldn't trust that ladder to hold me up.

trust someone's judgment (= be confident that they can make good decisions):

I trust his judgment on legal issues.

b) to be confident that a fact or piece of information is true or accurate

Don't trust anything Mr Davis tells you.

I trust (that)spoken formal used for saying that you hope and expect that something is true

I trust that you've already completed the paperwork, Mrs Williams.

trust someone (to do something)spoken used for saying that someone has done something that you think is typical of them, especially something that annoys you

Trust Tim to forget about our meeting!

"Pete left the kitchen in a real mess." "Trust him!"

Phrasal verbs:

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